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    Timbalam range of real wood veneer laminates from Brent Plastics Ltd, offers the discerning customer the natural beauty of genuine timber combined with the durability and ease of handling and installation of a traditional sheet of High Pressure Laminate.

    The Timbalam range of products is manufactured by using sheet of real wood veneer bonded to phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper under extremes of high pressure and temperature.

    Timbalam (pre-finished)

    (Click to enlarge)

    A101 American Cherry

    A110 American Elm

    A120 Annigre

    A140 Ash Crown

    B100 Beech Steamed

    B101 Birch

    B102 Birds Eye Maple

    E100 European Cherry

    G101 Golden Annigre

    M102 Mahogany

    M103 Maple

    O120 American White Oak

    R131 Red Oak

    S142 Sycamore

    T010 Teak

    W101 Wenge

    W110 Walnut

    Z101 Zebrano

    Timbalam Engineered (pre-finished)

    (Click to enlarge)

    455NW Medium Boire

    333SM Ebony

    Timbamatch (un-finished)

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    A7005 American Cherry

    A7015 Ash

    A7019 American Walnut

    B7009 Beech Steamed

    B7010 Birch

    B7011 Birds Eye Maple

    C7001 Canadian Maple

    M7003 Mahogany

    O7011 Oak

    W7010 Wenge

    Z7010 Zebrano

    Timbaflex (flexible un-finished)

    (Click to enlarge)

    TF001 Ash

    TF002 Steamed Beech

    TF003 Cherry

    TF004 Ebony

    TF005 Maple

    TF006 Sapele

    TF007 Walnut

    TF008 Wenge

    TF009 Oak (White)

    TF010 Zebrano

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