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    Metalam® range is manufactured using real Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Copper foils bonded to a backing of Phenolic, resin impregnated kraft paper giving a durable, semi rigid sheet for easy fabrication and handling.

    The Metalam® range is suitable for all interior verticle applications.

    Metalam FR Grade
    With the exception of Speciality decors AP62/210, BG61/210, KC64/210, D132/BUT, E011/BKE, E111/PTG and E011/PTG all other metal faced Metalam decors are FR (fire resistant) and have a class ’1′ certificate no: 175055 dated 26/08/08 when fabricated in accordance with our technical specification.


    (Click to enlarge)

    A210 Silver Mirror

    A210/DRP Silver Drop

    A211 Gold Mirror

    A212 Copper Mirror

    A216 Pewter Mirror

    A216/SCF Ice

    A241 Matt Alu 2

    A243 Matt Ali Champagne

    A250 Brushed Aluminium

    A250/GEK Ali Footplate

    A250/WAF Ali Step

    A251 Brushed Gold

    A252 Brushed Pale Copper

    A253 Brushed Bronze

    A256 Brushed Steeltint

    AP41/210 Silver Rivet

    BD50/210 Silver Bubbles

    KP50/216 Pewter Quatro

    Stainless Steel

    (Click to enlarge)

    S297/RON Disc Stainless Steel (Big)


    (Click to enlarge)

    C402/BKE Rock

    C402/PTK Copper Reed

    C421 Amber Leaves

    C462 Antique Copper

    C471 Beaten Copper

    C473 Hammered Copper

    Speciality HPL

    (Click to enlarge)

    A209 Alu Backing

    E011/PTG Black Surf

    MHE 110 Magnetic

    MH/356 Magnetic Steeltint

    MH-RS002PHE Magnetic Unfinished

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